First off, an apology. I haven't been able to create as many guides as I hoped in the last several weeks—more on that in a second.

Next, a massive thank you to everyone who supports the channel and guides. I could not do these guides without your help, and I appreciate everything that you do to help. Some folks have requested Patreon and Youtube Memberships, and I've added those options if you'd like to support me in that way (you can still use PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle). Of course, all the guides will still be free for anyone, and your support makes that happen.

A simple way to help is to use my Amazon link when you buy anything this holiday season. I get a few cents on the dollar, and you pay nothing extra. Buy within 24 hours of clicking on my link, and it works. You can even drag that Amazon link to your bookmarks bar and use it whenever you shop. So again, a big thank you for all the support.

Here's my update of late. I was shooting a bucket list hike in Washington this September, and my camera failed (for the first time). Following that, I was plagued by camera issues. And then the website got hacked. So the only thing I could expect next was a bowling ball to fall on my head.

I these setbacks as an opportunity to rework my approach to the guides. I analyzed the data to see what parts of the guides people used (or not). I rented or borrowed a dozen cameras to find a way to produce better-quality video. I developed new skill sets like motion graphics, color grading, and node.js. I rebuilt the website. All while continuing to test gear, working part-time, and being there for the family. It's been busy even though you have yet to see much publically.

In the next couple of weeks, you should see the guides start to come at a steady clip again as I wrap up the retooling effort. You can see a preview of my new format in the Bridge to Nowhere video, and the new website is up now. Next on deck are a "best of" hike in Death Valley, a review of the iPhone 14 satellite capabilities, a Cactus to Clouds refresh, and an Apple Watch Ultra review. I'm also doing a scrub of the website's guides to ensure everything is up to date (there are several hundred; it takes time).

I appreciate your patience and support, and the site and channel will be back to normal soon with a better guide experience for you.